Quality management



Powerful search


Traceability and oversight


Approval- og publishing process

Electronic agreement process for quality documentation and publishing to quality manual.



Documentation of all feedback and occurrences and processing thereof.


Internal audits

Poweful search feature for all meeting documents. Good progress overview and responsible parties.


Quality management is part of the comprehensive information- and project management system AZAZO CoreData. Quality control with AZAZO CoreData facilitates organisational control over quality documentations, processes, feedback and audits all in one place.

Quality management with AZAZO CoreData

  • A system which fulfills international standards such as ISO and HACCP
  • Thorough documentation of quality documentation
  • Traceable publication management and agreement processes.
  • Simple setup and organisation of quality manuals, staff- and safety manuals
  • Simple to set up electronic processes suited to the organisation’s operations
  • System for feedback- and anomaly reporting, processing and trouble shooting
  • Simple set-up of audits with appropriate checklists, execution and processing
  • Staff expertise, qualifications and training registered in one place
  • Simple search and easy to look at documents from different angles
  • Poweful access management
  • Data security highest priority, all communication encrypted