Enterprise Content Management System



Powerful Search



Secure and user-friendly work environment



Bird’s-eye-view of all your projects, tasks, and up-to-date status of each.



All documents and contracts in one place and all content conveniently searchable.



All communication within the system and e-mail.


All data pertaining to your meetings and their follow-up.

AZAZO CoreData is a powerful work-management system for employees and managers. Employees get an overview over their projects and their management. Managers get an overview over the operations for which they are responsible. AZAZO CoreData is an online solution where all communications are encrypted. Information can be accessed and worked on through tablets and smartphones.

Benefits of AZAZO CoreData:

  • Replaces shared drives and problems associated with them
  • Saves revision history for all documents and projects
  • Keeps track of all customer communications and documents (CRM)
  • Easily suits the work of committees or task-force meetings.
  • Simplifies collaboration with external parties such as consultants, accountants and financial institutions, on a secure mutual communication platform and database.
  • Simple ticket creation including person(s) responsible and deadlines.

Personalized Consultations

AZAZO’s service department assists customers in streamlining their operations, implementing new software and providing tailor made solutions.


AZAZO’s consultants work closely with our customers in implementing new systems.


Project Management

Our consultants can manage projects within the client company.


Education and Training

We train your staff to use software and work processes, in addition to offering seminars in project management and LEAN.

Tailor-made Solutions

Contract View

All contracts and their duration periods in one place.

Quality View

User-friendly Quality Management System which keeps track of quality manual, audits and feedback.

Calendar View

Visual representation of timings and deadlines for all projects within the company.

Project Core

Overview of project managers and staff managers for all the organisation’s projects.