Consultancy division




Strong team


Diverse group

Consultants from a wide variety of backgrounds.


A great deal of experience of working with large and small companies and organisations.


We work according to a certified methodology and standards.

At AZAZO we have a diverse group of young consultants with a wide variety of educational and work backgrounds. Among these are information- and document management, IT, business management and law, along with specialists in project management, quality control, governance and strategic planning. AZAZO’s consultants assist clients to optimize their operations with improved oversight, traceability and more efficient processes.

AZAZO’s consultants solve a wide variety of tasks

  • Specialists in implementing AZAZO software solution
  • Consultation in information management and organization
  • Consult on project management based on a certified knowledge base and methodology
  • Assist in development and implementation of quality systems, process analysis and ananlysis of value chains with regard to LEAN management.
  • Specialists in development of information policy
  • A diverse flora of lectures and seminars, including tailor-made workshops
  • Outsource your project- and information management to us!