Designed for handling bankruptcy estates





Tailor-Made for Bankruptcy Estates

AZAZO Claims is a web based management software specially designed for handling bankruptcy estates. The system tracks each claim throughout its lifecycle. AZAZO Claims has been used in one of the largest bankruptcies in Europe. Its success is based on a simple interface and ease of use.


Provides overview of relevant information for each claim.

Claims Web

Interface for Claimants to follow up on their claims.


Claims Transfer

Claims can easily be transferred within the system .


Powerful access control and secure communication.

Customized Counseling:

AZAZO offer a complete solution in managing claims

  • Experts with extensive know-how in managing claims
  • Implementation of processes for handling claims
  • Scanning and registration service that ensures effective registration of claims
  • Effective processes that secure data and with monitoring to minimize risk for data leakage

Benefits of AZAZO Claims:

  • Web based software as a service (SaaS) solution, platform independent
  • Works in every browser – anywhere – any device
  • Standard reports and any reports can be made upon request
  • E-mail integration enabling effective communication with contacts
  • Multi-party access, with secure access control, authentication and logged actions
  • Customized language, different law structure
  • All information regarding each claim and the communication with creditors are filed separately
  • All decisions regarding the claims and objections are recorded
  • Various lists can be assembled and exported to Excel
  • The System manages all information about relevant accounts and payments to creditors