Supports boards best practices

Secure and traceable


Paperless communication


A solid bond between board and subcommittees

A revolution in Management

Solutions for the modern boardroom



Your data accessible securely on smart devices anywhere, anytime.


Meeting Minutes

All communication to do with meeting minutes accessible in one place. Electronic signatures available.


Powerful search

All meeting documentation is searchable. Easy summaries of persons responsible and progress of all assignments related to meetings.

AZAZO BoardMeetings is an online solution for boards of directors which keeps track of board meetings and all documentation connected with them. AZAZO BoardMeetings facilitates board communication, makes meetings more effective and facilitates follow up on assignments resulting from them. All data is electronic and accessible online by desktop computer, via smartphone or tablet. With the addition of electronic signatures, documents can be officially signed, no matter where board members are situated. The product is also perfectly suited to other, non-board, meetings. It allows powerful search in all meeting documentation and presents an overview of persons responsible and progress of all assignments resulting from a meeting.

Like all AZAZO products, AZAZO BoardMeetings is a simple and secure online solution utilising the cutting edge of technology.

How to use AZAZO BoardMeeting:

  • Keep track of all board documents in one place
  • Collaborate with board members situated around the world
  • Electronic communication, paperless and email-free
  • Monitor progress and persons responsible for assignments

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