Powerful software for diverse workplaces

AZAZO CoreData is a powerful Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) where organisations can keep track of all their information in an effective and secure way. Emphasis is placed on a user-friendly and intuitive interface to a remote cloud-based system.

AZAZO BoardMeetings keeps track of board meetings and communications, meeting minutes, action-item follow-up and all other meeting documentation. Board members can access the data from their phones, tablets or computers anywhere, anytime, in a safe and secure way.

AZAZO DataRoom simplifies organisational communications with external collaborators on mutual projects. The software minimises email, facilitates management of user authorisations, and significantly improves traceability and online data security.

AZAZO Sign is an Electronic Signature solution. E-signatures can reduce costs and streamline internal processes while improving services with shorter response times and increased flexibility. AZAZO Sign is available as a standalone solution or as a part of an AZAZO software package.