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Azazo is a knowledge and software company specialising in the management of information, records, projects, meetings and quality issues using the CoreData ECM software solution. Azazo’s Consultancy Services department offers a range of consultancy services and the company’s Storage Center specialises in the handling and storage of data.



CoreData ECM is a web-based solution to managing information and projects for companies and public bodies.
Modern approach to the management of information with user-friendly interface with easy access via all major browsers or with smart phones and tablets.

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Consultancy services

Consultancy service

We assist companies and public bodies in various ways to achieve cost-effectiveness and efficiency in operations.


Storage Center

Storage center

Storage of records, data, works of art and more. Scanning and registration services.
Printing services (photocopying, binding, etc.), and company relocation.


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22.7.2015 : Digital Signatures with AzazoSign

Azazo enables their customers to transform any paper based process into digital self-service process by use of fully legally binding qualified EU signatures. The legally binding PAdES signatures (ETSI 102 778 standard) enable customers to sign contracts, approve board meeting notes, accept new user conditions, activate or change subscriptions or apply for a new loan to mention a few examples. By empowering more self-service it will make their business processes much more efficient and thereby reduce cost significantly.

4.6.2015 : AZAZO and N1 cooperate

CoreData is a web based solution that manages all information and projects for companies and institutions. By implementing CoreData in all its operations N1 is in fact taking up a new work environment for its employees. The aim of the new work environment is to better align practices and processes within the company.

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